OpenIPMC 1.0
OpenIPMC is a free open source Intelligent Platform Management Controller (IPMC)
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OpenIPMC is a free open source Intelligent Platform Management Controller (IPMC) for AdvancedTCA® boards following the PICMG 3.0 standard.

OpenIPMC is written in C as a platform-independent source, designed to run ontop of the FreeRTOS real-time operating system, such that it can be easily ported the many embedded microcontroller architectures that support FreeRTOS. In the OpenIPMC source code, callbacks and other helper functions allow to flexibly customize the implementation of the IOs and payload interfaces, easing the porting to new hardware architectures.


This project and its documentation are under development. Doxygen pages can be found here

Project Authors

  • André Cascadan (UNESP)
  • Bruno Casu (FEI)
  • Luigi Calligaris (UNESP)

This project started in 2019 at the Center for Scientific Computing of the São Paulo State University (NCC-UNESP, Brazil) as a contribution from SPRACE to the CMS Tracker Phase2 Upgrade (CERN).

Project Collaborators

  • Alison Franca Queiroz da Costa (UNESP)
  • Lucas Arruda Ramalho (UNEMAT)
  • Luis Ardila Perez (KIT)
  • Oliver Sander (KIT)


We acknowledge the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT for supporting our project by providing equipment, development kits, and a complete ATCA environment for testing this project on the Serenity ATCA board (Imperial College).

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OpenIPMC is Copyright 2018-2021 of André Cascadan, Bruno Casu, Luigi Calligaris. OpenIPMC is released under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0. Please refer to the LICENSE document included in this repository.